It’s Morphin’ Time: Hockey Players as Power Rangers

Like any true child of the early 90s, the Power Rangers were an enormous part of my childhood. So enormous, in fact, that they’ve stuck with me to the present day, and so—we’re casting hockey players as Power Rangers.

Today it’s Mighty Morphin’.


P.K. Subban as Rocky Santos, second Red Mighty Morphin Ranger

Rocky was the prankster Red Ranger with a heart of gold, and the one who should’ve been the leader but got the shaft for someone else. Sound familiar?


Phil Kessel as Tommy Oliver, White Mighty Morphin Ranger

Phil’s metaphorical rebirth in Pittsburgh from a crappy situation in Toronto sounds a lot like Tommy’s return as the White Ranger. Toronto didn’t sap Phil’s hockey powers like Rita Repulsa did Tommy’s Green Ranger powers, but they were sapping his will to live and that’s close enough.


Ben Scrivens as Billy Cranston, Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger

Let’s be real here. The Professor is a total nerd, and I’m sure has to deal with his friends and teammates being neanderthals sometimes. Billy Cranston would totally understand. Actually, Billy probably ended up as a professor somewhere.


Jamie Benn as Jason Lee Scott, first Red Mighty Morphin Ranger

Leader with a capital L, Jamie and Jason both have their hearts in the right place. Both are also super loyal to their friends, but sometimes get in their feelings a little too much and don’t necessarily make the smart decision. (Do you want me to pull up your HockeyFights page, Jamie? I’ve got proof.)


Brendan Gallagher as Kimberly Hart, first Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger

Small, agile, strong, funny, cute, will fight you—who am I talking about here, Gallagher or Kim Hart? He’s even followed in her gymnastics footsteps, back handspring-ing right over the Habs versus Bruins narrative to befriend Brad Marchand at the World Championships.

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