High Heels and Hockey? No, High Heels and High Sticks. Both will take your eye out, kid.

Born in the waning hours of 2013, HH&HS is dedicated to bringing you only the very best of opinions from hockey fans of the feminine persuasion. If you’re interested in writing a guest post, let us know.

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jonesy: Co-founder and functionally serves as managing editor. Originally from California, now lives in the Big Apple. Has an MFA for some reason. Full of terrible ideas, like this blog. Runs the blog twitter.

hannah: Co-founder and cat-herder (the cat in question being Jonesy). Relentless copywriter by day, writer by night. Hockey enthusiast from the land of no hockey. Student of the Coach Eric Taylor school of thought – clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. @hockeywithhannah

tasha: Contributing writer and stats specialist. Transplanted New Yorker, college basketball enthusiast, and kindasorta classically trained pianist. Fan of certain New York sports team, debates about on-ice sv%, and cheese. @madeupcall

clare:  Contributing writter and video blogger. Former part-time contributor, now full-time head of Audio/Visual and Canadian Affairs. Token Canadian. Also plays quidditch. @aux_clare

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