Friday Flow: TJ Oshie


I waffled over who to dedicate this week’s post to, but in the end (and after being reminded by the Team USA captaincy announcement today) I knew there was only one option. The one, the only – Timothy Leif Oshie. 

not quite princess material

Sometimes Oshie makes me think of a Disney prince. I think it’s the rosy cheeks.

princess gif(source)

See what I mean? Rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, perfect hair…that boy could’ve stepped right out of a live-action version of The Little Mermaid. flippy hair

Sure, he looks a little…gormless sometimes. But look at the way that flow flips perfectly out from under his helmet. Of course, TJ’s hair wasn’t always this perfect. He, too, fell prey to the plague that befell his generation of players.



I can’t even look at you, Leif.



Seriously. Who told you that looked good?


Let us all be thankful that the reign of terrible blonde has ended, and we’ve gotten this glorious ‘do back. 









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