Friday Flow: All Hockey Hair Team

This week, I was pointed in the direction of this video, which to me is proof that the internet was a good idea:


  • J: Recently I discovered that many of the boys at my high school I assumed were surfers/skater bros due to their hair were actually hockey players. It all makes sense. These gentlemen’s hair looks remarkably similar to what I associate with stereotypical skateboarders.
  • H: #9’s mustache is absolutely traumatizing.
  • J: My favorite joke is the one about that one guy looking like Jack O’Callahan from Miracle because I was also thinking that.
  • H: Our pal #7, Wyatt, looks like he could achieve a bouffant if he really tried.
  • H: #4 has some Kris Letang level flow. Very Vidal Sassoon.
  • J: Those last two guys should advertise shampoo. Particularly the very last, that wind tunnel effect was very convincing.
  • H: I’m gonna have nightmares about that Hermantown Holy Trinity. Kudos, guys.

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