Seduced by the Game: Hockey Romance Novels

Did you know that hockey romance novels were a niche genre? You probably did, because you read this blog. We live in a marvelous world where authors like Deirdre Martin devote their entire careers to writing about fictional hockey player romances, and where plenty of romance writers put hockey-themed romances up on Kindle. Welcome to our newest feature, where Hannah and I take a deep dive into this brave new world, with such people in it, and make up summaries based on the covers of different hockey romance novels.*

*This is done entirely with love and affection for romance novels. If you want to buy the original novels and support the authors, the titles link to their Amazon pages.


Seduced by the Game

Angelica is a teacher on the tough streets of Baltimore. She’s strong, determined, and happily single. Then one day she goes to see the local hockey team with her boy-crazy best friend and falls in love with the sport. And it turns out…the team’s star player has a little brother in her class! Angelica doesn’t mean to start talking to him at Parent-Teacher night, but she can’t help but ask him about the last game, and soon, they’re talking all the time. But with teaching ethics and a possible trade looming over their heads, will they be able to make it through?


Stacking the Deck

When the NHL comes to Vegas, Amber sees her opportunity and takes it. A successful event planner, Amber has no problem getting hired as part of their community relations department, and she dives right in. To connect the team to the community, she partners with a local casino to host their first annual casino night, and begins to grow close to casino manager Bobby during the planning process. At the same time, however, sparks are flying with Las Vegas’s star forward Ryan. Who will Amber gamble her heart on?


Penalty Box

Two things this cover tells me: 1) there is a book series called ‘Puck Bunny’ and 2) I could easily make a career as a book cover designer. (I do have to give whoever designed it kudos for matching the font color to the legwarmers, though. That kind of design innovation is what gets you moved up that slippery pole of romance novel cover designers.)

I’m guessing this book stars a figure skater, or someone who dabbles in figure skating, named something like Chrissy. Chrissy has a very strict and demanding Russian coach (naturally) and that coach has a very strict rule: no sex during competition season.

But Chrissy has always had a weakness for hockey players, and when the local AHL team switches to her practice facility, how is she supposed to resist? Especially when young, hot stud Victor, who’s probably European, is sent down while he rehabs an injury. Victor and Chrissy share more than just ice — they share a sizzling chemistry and a need to keep their relationship secret: Chrissy from her coach, and Victor for reasons too scandalous to reveal. Will Chrissy win at Natonals? Will someone say “toe pick”? Will Chrissy’s legwarmers be described in loving detail? All this and more in…Penalty Box!


Hard Hit

Mark, forward for his hometown Minnesota Wild, plays hockey on the edge, hitting everyone he can. He’s even got a favorite opponent to hit-—Josh, pesky third-liner for the St. Louis Blues who was drafted one pick behind him. Their rivalry comes to an abrupt end, however, when Josh is traded to the Wild on deadline day and the two of them have to learn to work together. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but learn it they do—-and some might even say they learn it too well.


Playing to Win

PR specialist Robin Sparks prides herself on being able to turn anyone’s reputation around. But when she’s called in to deal with the Montreal Canucks’ bad-boy superstar Guillaume Lafleur, she has her work cut out for her! His partying and constant string of girlfriends are distracting from the team, and he’s uncooperative to boot. But Robin didn’t get to where she is without being willing to take on a challenge.

Guillaume knows from the moment he sees Robin that she’s going to be the toughest woman he’s ever met. But he isn’t going to let her change his ways. So he sets out to seduce her…only to find that he’s out of his league! Guillaume didn’t get to where he is without being determined and hard-working, though, and he’s going to win Robin over if it’s the last thing he does!

Join us for a battle of wits and seduction, as Guillaume and Robin…play to win!


Forever Beings With a Kiss

Inspired by such authors as Nicholas Sparks and…Nicholas Sparks, Zoe York’s Forever Begins With a Kiss follows baker Emma as she opens her own shop in eclectic East Nashville. Not long after her doors open, she gets her first big break in the form of a wedding cake order from Predators player Jim and his beautiful—but difficult—fiancee Madelyn. After four separate tastings, three redesigns, and a middle of the night phone call, Emma begins to wonder if this particular piece of business is worth it. Everything changes, however, when Madelyn brings Jim’s teammate Chris to the shop with her.


Ice Cold Mint Juleps

I desperately want this book to be about two Southern hockey moms who get sloshed and play in an all-women’s beer league. It definitely isn’t, but I’m going to guess from the title that it does take place somewhere south of the Mason-Dixie line, and that there’s more than one hockey player involved. So perhaps it’s about Southern Belle Susanna, who is breaking up with her long-time boyfriend and hockey fourth-liner Hal. Hal has been distant and strange, and Susanna has been drinking a lot more cocktails with her girlfriends. One night Hal doesn’t wait for her after a game, so his new teammate/road roommate John gives her a ride home…in more ways than one. JOKES. They don’t have sex until she’s finished breaking up with Hal, because that’s how you know she’s a Good Girl. But there’s a lot of belligerent sexual tension, and at least one scene where she’s sipping mint julep while John is doing manual labor around her yard.


Home & Away

A tender coming of age story…featuring a Winter Classic, I think? Like many LGBT movies of the early 2000’s, this is a soft, bittersweet story featuring two men who totally think they’re heterosexual…until they meet the right man to change their mind. One–let’s call him Chad–is a bro of the highest order. He plays hard, parties hard, and is beloved by teammates and fans alike. The other–let’s call him Tommy–is a leader with a strong jaw and a stronger slapshot. They play against each other at first and as they gradually fall in love, the only time they get to be together is…home &amp away. Will the distance tear them apart? Or is love stronger than…ice…?


Song of the Keys

Francesca, an independent woman originally from somewhere like, I don’t know, Iowa or Kansas or something, moves to the Florida Keys after a mysterious event she never talks about. She likes the beach, after all, and she looks really good with her hair wet. While working as a waitress or a surf store attendant or a gator hunter she meets Brandon, a handsome man with a Canadian accent. Their burgeoning romance is hampered by Brandon’s inability to open up about anything from his past, including which province he’s from (Saskatchewan can’t be real, can it?), and the fact that he keeps telling her to ‘Sauce me some fuckin’ gator burgers, Franny.’ Also, he keeps disappearing at odd hours to have meetings with shady people. What is Francesca to do?

Brandon was once a promising NHL rookie until a highly public incident derailed his career. Out of embarrassment and fear, he retreated to the wilds of Florida, figuring that’s the last place anyone would recognize him. Lost and miserable, he spends all his time on a boat in the keys until he meets Francesca, who changes his life with her carefree attitude and Midwestern accent. Then he starts receiving mysterious letters from someone threatening to tell Francesca the truth about why he left Canada. Brandon doesn’t know how to tell Francesca about his past — and there’s the little matter of the secrets that she is keeping from him

Come down to the Keys for a hot and sweaty romance!


Pull Out

What I want this to be about:

Kelly is the top forward for Team USA’s women’s hockey team. Young, hot, single, and talented–she’s got it all!

One night when she’s out with the girls, Kelly meets a smokin’ hot guy, maybe a stripper or possibly a firefighter, and they have a night of wild, passionate sex before she says sayonara and leaves him with a fake number. Three months later, she’s regretting that decision because…she’s pregnant!

Will Kelly be able to find her sexy piece of man candy again to tell him she’s having his baby? Will Kelly still be able to play at the Olympics? If she has the baby while she’s in Canada with her team does that mean her kid is going to have to play for Canada? Join us for a wild, sexy, passionate ride!

What this book is probably about:

Vince is the top forward for the [Insert Fake Hockey Team Name Here]. Young, hot, single, and talented–he’s got it all!

One night when he’s out with the boys, Vince meets a smokin’ hot girl, probably a model or an actress or a secretary, and they have a night of wild, passionate sex before he says sayonara and leaves her with a fake number. But nine months later, she shows up at his doorstep with a baby in her arms, claiming it’s his.

Vince doesn’t know what to do, especially since he probably already has a girlfriend by this point or something. His babymama is still smokin’ hot, and she has his kid–what is a guy to do? Possibly ends in a threesome. The baby is mostly forgotten about for the second half of the book. Oh, and the baby is a secret from the media/team/everyone until some Dramatic Event late in the story, probably during the playoffs. The baby is named Stanley.

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  1. The problem with these made up summaries is that I would read the snot out of some of them, but they don’t exist. Fantastic article!


  2. As a devoted reader of hockey rpf, I really sincerely wish more of these hockey romance novels were worth picking up. The mysogyny in a lot of them is fucking staggering! And this from a girl who reads slash, which is hilariously misogynistic towards player’s domestic partners in the quest for white Dick fencing, but at least I don’t hear this stuff coming from the FEMALE CHARACTER.

    I would totes read the two southern moms in a beer league novel! It sounds like a premise you could have a lot of fun with.


  3. If anyone’s looking for recs, Sarina Bowen’s “Ivy Years” series is actually pretty good, very little of the skeezy hyperfeminine/ubermasculine dichotomy (in the f/m or the m/m couples), and some of the female leads actually play themselves, which is refreshing.


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