Friday Flow: Jaromir Jagr

current jagr

And it’s not just going to be throwbacks, either.

I thought, in honor of his tying Mario Lemieux for all time assists tonight with number 1,033, it would only be appropriate to pay homage to the magnificent flow that Jagr has sported through the years.

mullet headshot

The guy you wanna bring home to Dad.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Or maybe just the guy that uses your hair products the next morning and never calls you again.

amazing mullet

Majestic is really the only word I can think of to describe this beauty of a mullet. Majestic. Iconic.

mario jagr cup

Or maybe just Jags wanting to be like his favorite hockey player ever. (Sidebar: I may or may not be completely brokenhearted at their heartwrenching breakup. I don’t wanna talk about it. Shhhh, gaze upon happier times with me.)

2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Three

Okay, now we’re getting back into modern times, and the look that I like to call “Werewolf Jagr”.


He’s terrifying. Also, we were discussing it, and my partner in crime and I are fairly certain he chose this particular playoff beard because it allowed him to shave out the grey.


God bless you, Jaromir Jagr. And I hope whatever team you head to* in your traditional Deadline Day trade makes the playoffs, so we can gaze upon this majesty yet again.

*preferably the Penguins, for narrative purposes

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