NHL Revealed – Episode 1 Liveblog


Alex Burrows from a preview, via Vancouver Canucks

Today at 11 p.m. EST is the first episode of the NHL’s 24/7-inspired series following several NHL-ers through the stadium series and eventually to the Olympics. We’re going to be liveblogging this as best we can!

10:55 – I made a joke like 10 minutes ago that this game (Chi-Det) would go to shootout just to annoy all of us waiting for NHL Revealed. I should know by now not to tempt the hockey gods. – j.

11:00 – That was a great save on Kane by Gustavsson. Round 5 going now. – j.

11:02 – Love the boos coming from Joe Louis for Shaw. And game is over, so let’s get to the real programming. – j.

11:22 – Well I get to watch Marc-Andre Fleury’s postgame, so this isn’t a total wash. His not-fight might be the highlight of the night for me. – j.

11:27 – I have to admit I’m really wondering about the planning of this. Did it not occur to them that a game might go into overtime and mess with the airing of their much-hyped special? It seems to me the logical thing to do would have been to just air NHL Revealed after the game and then tape the NHL Overtime stuff to air after. – j.

11:30 – Well here we go. Narrator is a Liev Schreiber knock-off, but that’s to be expected. – j.

11:30 – Oh man I hope we get more Jagr in this than we did in the Flyers-Rangers 24/7. He’s such an incredible weirdo in his elder statesman years and gives amazing soundbites. – j.

11:32 –  FORGO FRIENDSHIPS. Wow, don’t pull your punches NHL. Just hurt me from the start, it’s fine. – h.

11:33 – L O L Teemu. You’d never know he’s 43. Hannah and I are hoping he manages to somehow gets Paul Kariya into an episode or that he comes up somehow.  – j.

11:35 – Torts looks like a liberal arts professor that teaches like, medieval lit and is really bitter about his wife leaving him. – h.

11:37 – Pears is a weirdo and Getzy needs to give up and just shave his head already. – h.

11:40 – Kyle Okposo is my sworn enemy but I have to admit he’s super adorable in this. Look how happy he is! – j.

Which Isles player just pulled out Okposo’s chest hair? – h.

11:45 – So far it seems that the biggest, inevitable difference between NHL Revealed and 24/7 is the focus. One of the things 24/7 does so well is find the narrative threads in the two teams and follow them to the end. Obviously, that’s going to be much harder with the sheer number of people they’re trying to cover in NHL Revealed, so instead they’re focusing in on character moments, like Perry’s superstitions and Okposo’s baby. It’ll be interesting to see how that works. – j.


11:49 – Seriously though. Tavares is praying to the Bossy plaque and they’re making it sound like he does it regularly. – h.

11:51 – I’ve never heard Capuano speak before and good lord he sounds like he’s from the Tri-State area. – j.

11:52 – Oh my GOD the ref getting on JT for complaining! I’m cracking up. – h.

11:56 – Cracking up at the Blackhawks watching the Canadian team announcement on their phone. Also, Kostka keeps confusing me because I’m wondering why Chris Hemsworth is there. – j.

11:58 – Well that’s confusing, pretty sure Carter said he got the Olympics and then went back to sleep. Who knows. Dramatizing it? – j.

12:07 – Marty Brodeur is SO OLD. And I am irrationally fond of him for really no reason at all. This whole stuff about his dad, who was a great photographer, is getting me right in the heart. – j.

12:11 – One of my favorite things about Montreal is the sheer number of strip clubs withing a few blocks of the Bell Centre. And they advertise themselves as being open early on game days. – j.

12:17 – Karlsson looks like a fox. A sly sly fox. – h.

12:18 – The adventures of Erik Karlsson in Nashville could be a sitcom. – j.

I have walked those streets he is walking, I have been in that exact store. -“You’re gonna have to get you some boot cut jeans and get rid of these straight legs” these are my PEOPLE. – h.

12:20 – They need to get Jason Spezza to laugh at some point during NHL Revealed. That’s gold, right there. – j.

12:24 – It’s really nice to see more of Malkin. He’s one of the best players in the world and probably one of the most elusive. Nice to see a bit more of him off the ice. – j.

12:29 – I’m hoping we get way more Canucks and Rangers next week! But this was definitely interesting, if a bit frenetic and chaotic, which is hard to avoid given how much ground they’re trying to cover. I think they made some good choices about who to follow around and looking forward to if they revisit the same people next week or if they move on. – j.