Weekly Wrap-Up: Long Live Jagr

So it’s been kind of a weird week, what with the whole coming-back-from-Sochi thing, and as a result this is going to be a bit shorter than usual with five things I want to talk about instead of ten.


The less said about this whole debacle the better.

I have to confess: due to travel and social commitments I have actually not watched any hockey since the Olympic gold medal game, so sorry about that. But tomorrow I will be seeing the Kings play. Let’s hope my weird home team curse is done with. And with no further ado…

5. Max Talbot Has A Baby

Look, I normally wouldn’t consider this news, except that he has given his child with retired figure skater Cynthia Phaneuf (yes, she is related to Dion) a true celebrity name.

Talbot spoke up to correct this and:

I’m sorry, bro, nicknaming your child Spartacus isn’t actually better than legally giving it to him as a name. Also, his name is Jaxson. 

4. The German Olympic Women’s Team Made A Video Of Their Olympics


It’s pretty awesome.

3. The Buffalo Sabres Exceed Expectations

Admittedly, expectations aren’t particularly high, but the Sabres have won three straight, two against genuine contenders (Bruins and Sharks). With former captain Vanek long gone and star goalie Ryan Miller making his home in St. Louis after ages of speculation regarding his future that finally culminated in a trade on Friday, it’s hard to say what’s making this team tick.


Actually Latvians in disguise.


Ted Nolan has talked about creating a different dressing room atmosphere, which is something they surely need with the metamorphosis they’re undergoing as a team. Of all the teams in the NHL, the Sabres and the Flames are the two most obviously in rebuilding mode (I refuse to let the Oilers claim they’re in rebuilding mode any longer), and it must hurt to be on the team dead last in the league in the standings, goals for, losses…Anyway. Beating the Bruins and the Sharks has to feel good.

2. The Outdoor Game Series is Over

Thank god. I was in favor of it, for the most part, but I feel like there was no momentum leading into this weekend’s Soldier Field game and the Heritage Classic. Not to mention that they ended up not even playing the Heritage with the roof open because of rain. It was a great idea for an Olympic year and I like the idea of having a couple other outdoor games for markets that won’t be getting the Classic, but six is a lot, especially when they’re going into March.

1. Trade Deadline Is This Week…

…and I couldn’t be happier. I generally treat sports like theatre and nothing is as great as the SURPRISE PLOT TWIST of trade deadline. The endless rumors and speculation. The overanalysis of every healthy scratch. The relentless interviews of Ryan Miller (fortunately done with) and, possibly this year, Roberto Luongo. The shocking revelation of Marty St. Louis wanting to get the hell out of dodge. The “they re-signed him for how much/long?” indignation when a team locks down a soon-to-be UFA. It’s beautiful.

The important questions for trade deadline:

Will Jagr add another team to his list? (Will the traveling Jagrs have to make some more friends?)


Slowly but surely, Jagr ticks off every team in the NHL. Next: the world.

Which team is going to make the totally batshit trade that has everyone else going ?? ? ???? ???

Which fourth-line plugger you’ve never heard of is going to get traded for some prospect you’ve never heard of?

What stupid decision will Paul Holmgren make?

Will we finally be able to #freeLuongo?

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of NHL: Trade Deadline.

Quick Things:

  • Max Domi has some serious bragging rights.


  • Dan Girardi got re-signed for 6 years and aav of 5.5 million which is…2 million more than he was making before. I mean, he was gonna get that somewhere, but I have to admit I kind of blinked in surprise at that one, mostly because he’s an older shot-blocker. Now let’s see if they can get Callahan locked in.
  • The New York Times has a great article on women’s hockey in Russia.
  • Carey Price apparently got injured at the Olympics, which puts a damper on my plan to boo him.
  • Ryan Kesler is apparently in play and the Penguins are interested, because what they really need is another injured forward.
  • I never want Jagr to retire.

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